This is a trial site where you can talk about your fears and frustrations. Maybe you just need to let someone know what hurts you; or maybe you just need to get it off of your chest and want a place where you can just let go. Well that is what this site is all about.

People are hurting everywhere in all sorts of ways and the pressures are getting to them. Many people have lost their homes and what little bit of an egg nest that they had saved is now gone. Many have lost jobs and are searching for a new career and find it nearly impossible to meet the everyday expenses much less finding the time to go to school and study to improve their quality of life.

Some have given up and try to bury their fears and anguish in alcohol or the drug scene only to find that their life has dropped further into the pit of despair.

Or maybe you have found some things that have been a blessing or helped you and you just want to share that to help someone else.

Maybe you came across a funny story or you have one of your own that could help to lighten the load for someone for even a moment.

Well, may I encourage you to share with a community of people going through the same problems that you are facing.

Whatever it is, let’s just reach out to each other and see where it leads. I only ask that you would be diplomatic in what you wish to post. I will not approve messages for posting that are threatening to any person; nor degrading or hostile to persons of a different ethnic or religious background. Vulgar and suggestive language will not be permitted on this site.  If you want to chew someone out, then have at it! I just ask that you do not use their proper name or place of business.


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