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By: Gary L. Rodgers

My Lord Yahushua (יְהוֹשׁוּעַ) the Shepherd of my soul; may you keep me, and may you bless me, and may the brightness of your glory shine upon me. May you fill my days with joy and happiness, and may my slumber have the sweet peace of your presence. May the eternal riches of heaven be mine, and may you be my strength and high tower of protection. Help me to walk in the assurance that your blood cleanses me from all sin and that nothing can separate me from your love for you are my God Yahuweh (יְהֹוָהYĕhovah). May I rest in the power of your might because I am your child forever!

May thy Holy Spirit our Ruach hakodesh (רוחהקודש) of Yahuweh guide me and teach me through thy living Word. May you hedge me in on all sides with your angels, and may I know that you hold me in the palm of your hand. May thy Holy Spirit empower me and give me the bread of life to take it and offer it to lost sinners.

Help me to always stand with Israel and pray that you will give them peace and that you will bless your people and protect them from their enemies. Guide my eyes to always look for you in the heavens, for your return is soon to come. And now Lord Elohim (אֱלֹהִים) I ask that this blessing be upon me, and may my heart be open to receive it. May you guide me in all wisdom, knowledge, faith and understanding! In thy name Oh Lord Yahushua the Son of the Living God Yahuweh I ask it.


Yahuweh –  יְהֹוָה  – Yĕhovah – Heavenly Father- (Ya-o-weh) – I was, I am, I will be; Eternal being in all three tenses. Sometimes in Jewish messages you will find the word HaShem is used which means “The Name” or the word Adonia, meaning my Lord is Jehovah.                                

Yahushuaיְהוֹשׁוּעַ – Name of the Messiah – (Ya-hoo-shoo-ah) which also means Joshua – Jehovah is salvation                           

Ruach haKodeshרוחהקודש (Holy Spirit) – (Roo-akh  hak-quo- dayesh) Divine Spirit or Divine Inspiration.                                                                            

Elohimאֱלֹהִים – Is the plural name for God (El-o-heem) “In the beginning Elohim”. Genesis 1:1

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