All scripture references are to be written in the margin. If you wish to write the notes you can. I only give them as a help to you for explaining those meanings to the person that you speak with.

NOTE: Up at the heading of Romans 3:10 I have written in bold red letters (Romans Road) Highlight all scripture references to act as a guide from one scripture to the next.

  1. Starting with Romans 3:10 – (*none righteous – none that is perfect according to GOD’s law)
  2. Next to 3:10  write (3:23) – (*come short – none of us are sinless none of us are perfect and equal to GOD)
  3. Next to 3:23 write (5:12) – (*It only took the disobedience of one man – the first man; Adam)
  4. Next to 5:12 write (6:23A) – (*wages – the reward that you earned – there is a payday someday)
  5. Next to 6:23A write (5:8) – (*commendeth – demonstrated or proved)
  6. Next to 5:8 write (6:23B) – (*gift – purchased by someone else – offered to us for free)
  7. Next to 6:23 B write (5:9) – (*justified – no longer guilty) (*wrath –  fierce anger)
  8. Next to 5:9 write (10:9 & 10) – (*confess- admit that we are wrong) (* heart – center and seat of spiritual life. The soul of man.)
  9. Next to 10:9&10 write (10:13) – (*call – to cry out or reach out to – call out in prayer to)
  10. Next to 10:13 write (1 John 1:7) – (*if we walk in the light of righteousness – the light of pure spiritual truth and knowledge)
  11. Next to 1 John 1:7 write (5:11&12) – (*record – recorded evidence) (*eternal – has no end) (*hath – to take possession or to claim as one’s own)
  12. Next to 5:11&12 write (Rev 1:5) – (*faithful – trustworthy – able to be relied upon) (*witness – one who proves the genuineness or authenticates an event)

PRAYER: The points of prayer that should be included. It is not necessary for the prayer to be explained. The notes are just a help for you to see and know the importance of each point.

Lead them through the prayer, having them repeat what you say. They just need to know that what they say they must truly mean it when they say it.

  1. Dear Jesus (*calling on the Lord) – refers back to Romans 10:13
  2. I know and confess to you that I am a sinner. (*acknowledging and confessing to the Lord their sinful estate)
  3. I put my complete trust in you only to save me from hell and get me to Heaven. (*putting their complete confidence in Christ alone)
  4. I trust and accept you as my personal LORD and Savior. (*accepting Christ as their LORD and Savior)
  5. I know that you died on the cross for me; I know that you were buried for me; I know that you rose from the dead for me as a living Savior. (*acknowledging the death burial and resurrection of Christ) Refers back to Romans 10:9)
  6. Please wash away all of my sin with your blood. (*acknowledging the power of Christ’s work on the cross through the cleansing of His blood)
  7. I welcome the Holy Spirit into my heart to guide and direct me in my life. (*accepting the power of the Holy Spirit to work in their lives)
  8. Please help me to be obedient to you in all that you would have me to do. (*a cry for the LORD to be real to them in their lives through their obedience to Him.)
  9. In Jesus Holy and Blessed name I pray. (*praying through the holiness and sacred name of Jesus)
  10. Amen! (*so be it! – a closing affirmation that every word has been sealed and accepted)

Other useful scriptures:

  • Hebrews 9:22 – (*purged – To make clean or cleansed) (*no remission – no release from the bondage of sin. No forgiveness, no pardon)
  • Luke 15:10 All of Heaven rejoices over someone who gets saved.

Note: Record the date and time of their salvation.

Get their full name, address, phone number and email address.


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