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Sin has no brakes, it has to run into the tree of life (Jesus Christ) for it to get stopped!




By: Gary L. Rodgers


I remember those wonderful days of being a child. I can still feel the warm gentle breeze of summer as it tenderly caressed my body as though it were spun from the fine threads of a soft billowing cloud; giving me a loving sensation so gentle and pure that words could not fully describe it; It was like having the finest piece of satin sliding over your body ever so slowly and gently.

I remember the smell of field grass and the smell of hot asphalt baking in the sun on the roadways that I traveled.

I remember the pleasant captivating mixed smells of honeysuckle, lilac and Iris. I felt as though someone purposely placed me there where I could breathe in this spellbinding aroma that seemed to reach down into the very depth of my soul as it gave a tingling feeling in my heart; a feeling of love.

I remember how wonderful it felt to have all of nature’s beauty around me and for me it was a wonderful place to be where I lived. I traveled all over my little world and wondered what I would become when I got older. What kind of a house I would live in, what kind of a family I would have and what type of work I would do. All of these were but dreams that I held in my heart; dreams and wishes that kept me in suspense with questioning fears.

I remember how good it felt to lay back and enjoy the moment, the scenery, the dancing of emotions in my heart and hoping that the feelings and memories would never fade.

 I remember how good it felt to be secure in my little world along with my siblings. I remember the feeling of excitement when family or friends would come to visit. I remember the long walk it took to go swimming at a nearby lake. I remember the fun that I had fishing, hunting, and dreaming.

I remember walking through fields of bluebells and catching a whiff of the fragrance that they emitted. I remember picking wild strawberries and loving the smell and taste of each berry which seemed to be like none other in the world. I remember lying on my stomach to catch a cool drink of spring water from a brook.

I remember the smells of a home cooked meal and baked goods that my mother carefully prepared for all of us. Those were special times that often wrap their arms of memory around me.

I remember camping out on our lawn and looking up at all of the beautiful stars in the night sky and wondering if I could see the true lights and angels of Heaven.

I remember lying in a big pile of leaves in the Fall and looking at all of the mountains of thick billowing clouds above me and wondering what it would be like if we could stand on each of them and look down at the earth.

I remember the hillsides around us being displayed in a robe of Fall colors that looked as though God had taken an artist’s brush and painted every scene just for me.

I remember being outside on a cold winter’s night running around on a hard crust of snow with a full moon shining so brightly that it gave the appearance of an eerie daylight luminance. Just a cold crystal clear night where you could see down across the meadows as the moon’s bright glow pasted shadows of trees on the glistening snow. The feeling in my heart during those times could never be expressed in words. It was a deep feeling of suspense and mystery which in its own way had a special flavor of excitement all its own, somewhat like a smooth creamy frosting on your favorite cake has its own special flavor of excitement and enthralling anticipation.

I remember that in the summer we would lay watermelons in cool spring-waters for a day or two and then cut them open to enjoy the rich red sweetness of its bounty. How refreshing on those hot days! I remember how wonderful it felt to run through a lawn sprinkler on a sweltering day of heat.

I remember the rich aroma of fresh cut hay and the joy that I got working at loading hay wagons and storing the bales in hay-mows with its treasure of earth’s riches.

I remember the joy of eating warm fresh made bread loaded with home churned butter that soaked into the steaming soft dough. I remember enjoying these simple pleasures that were a gift to me in the innocence of my youth.

Life comes with many joys and surprises and the best of it all is the memories that we carry with us through life’s journeys.



By: Gary L.Rodgers


I know who holds me in the palm of their hand each night when I go to sleep.

Their promise to keep me safe for eternity is my hope and joy to keep.

In the palm of His hand is the scar from Calvary where He paid my debt in full.

In the palm of His hand is where I can rest safely on all of His promises sure.





By: Gary L.Rodgers


All of creation will someday look up and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD!

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