By: Gary L. Rodgers


Not long ago I was reading an article that I passed along to a number of family members and friends. I thought about it later and decided to write my thoughts on what I believe to be true. With the Presidential Elections of 2012 now in the past it seemed like we were all being bombarded with all sorts of select truths, half-truths and flawed accusations. It was like a giant cake mix with all sorts of ingredients that we liked or did not like, some were necessary and some ingredients were just plain thrown in for the pleasure of someone saying that they put together the recipe. But how do we know when what we are being fed is fact and not some fabricated lie to sway our thinking in one direction or another? Can we accept all that we read as being absolute fact verbatim? Pretty much no matter what we read about the debates and other issues of concern for that day we were all being fed by the thoughts and influential penmanship of the person writing the article. Yes, even this article that I am writing. With all of the things that are happening in the world, most of which are pretty fearful, we can easily become paranoid and fearful to the point where we hide and do nothing. I hope to encourage you to stand firm and keep pressing forward. I believe that we have a responsibility before GOD to do our best at what we know to be right; and to speak out against all injustices and promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For myself I only know of certain truths that are sure. Not because I say so, but because GOD says so!


  • GOD is still in charge and has not abdicated His throne.
  • GOD does not lie.
  • GOD’s Word is reliable and we can trust it to discern truth.
  • Christ went to the cross for everyone. Not just for certain select people.
  • Our only salvation is through Jesus Christ alone; not some religious belief; not some church membership; and baptism does not wash away sins. Study it for yourself in scripture.
  • Yes man penned the words in scripture, but the influence and choosing of words was the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit. If my GOD did not have the ability to keep His Word true to himself, then all that I believe and trust fails.

That fact is that there would be an end to the elections and there will be a finality of all the hurts and sufferings in the world, there is an end to all of this madness, and we have a sure hope in our future that GOD will take care of our every concern. Yes we do need to vote, and yes we do need to take a stand for our freedoms; both as a free American and as a Christian! My tomorrows are not dependent upon the Democratic or Republican party. My tomorrows are secured in who Christ is and what He will do for me because I am one of His own. If you would like to know how you can also become one of His own feel free to message me with a return email address and I will send you some words of hope. It costs you nothing to know, but it will cost you everything if you don’t know. It’s your free choice! And you can study it to prove whether it be true or not on your own.


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