Yesterday’s Roses




            Yesterday’s roses seem to be all that we have at times.

            And that’s what I hold so dear to me, those memories of my mind.

            I would trade the wealth of the world, to live them once again.

            Just to say how much you mean to me my brother, my life long friend.

            I remember how we played and fought, but deep inside we cared.

            And even though our tempers rose, a bond of love we shared.

            And how we would protect each other from harm that came our way;

            But then you fought a tougher foe, one I could not slay.

            I thank the Lord that He’s always with you; and now He holds your hand;

            And someday He’ll give that gentle tug toward the Promised Land.

            And when I stand beside your robe of flesh that’s left behind,

            I’ll remember yesterday’s roses those treasures of my mind.

            I’ll not sorrow at your parting, but rather what I threw away,

            those times that we could have loved each other instead of the harsh words

            we’d say.

            Thank God He has provided a Lamb so pure and clean.

            That we could bathe in His precious blood for our souls to be redeemed.

            And then I’ll stop and thank Him for your graduation day.

            And praise Him for taking your precious soul, to our home so far away.

            His promises of tomorrow will dry my tear-stained face,

            as I look forward to seeing you once again, in that grand and glorious place.

            I’ll look for you at the feet of Jesus, and I’ll praise Him even more,

            for saving the souls of my dear loved ones and for the burden of sin He bore.

            I thank you Lord for the roses, those treasures of yesterday,

            for the Rose of Sharon at Calvary, who washed our sins away.

            Now as I close my eyes to rest, might dreams of Heaven be,

           To find my brother’s smiling face waiting there for me.




                                                                        Gary L. Rodgers




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