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Dance in the storms of adversity!

I have found that I cannot afford the luxury of sitting around worrying about every little thing that goes on in this world. Life is far to short for me to be living in fear. If life has taught me anything it has taught me that when I feel like the world is kicking me in the back side I shouldn’t let it get me down. It is just a clear indication that I am out in front and I still got the lead.

I have my share of headaches like everyone else but in nearly every instance I have found that I can only do so much and worrying doesn’t improve the situation.

I love the attached picture to this post of the two little girls dancing in the rain. The saying pretty well speaks for itself.

So when you feel down look on the bright side. You too can learn to dance like these two little girls in those rains of trials and adversity with hope and assurance. Please message me or turn to my main blog at and I will be glad to do what I can to help and encourage you.

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